WhatsApp has officially revealed how the app will behave if you do not accept its updated terms and privacy policy. The news comes from the social media giant’s official website.

At first, the app will only give you a continuous notification to accept its new terms and privacy policy. But after a few weeks, users will start seeing a persistent reminder. Once you start seeing this reminder, the app will switch to a limited functionality mode where you will lose access to your chat list. You will still, however, be able to receive incoming calls and respond to texts through notifications.

After a few weeks, you will stop receiving calls and text messages.

WhatsApp Will Stop Working If You Don’t Accept New Terms

WhatsApp has not revealed precise dates on when these events will occur, only giving ambiguous periods of time for each state of the app that may vary for different users. According to the screenshot above, users should still be able to accept the new policy after May 15th, but will slowly lose app functions over the next few weeks if it is not accepted.

WhatsApp has reassured that it will not be deleting any accounts, though the app will become as good as useless if you don’t comply.