Huawei has been outperforming its competition lately. The Chinese tech and telecom giant beat Apple for the second spot in global smartphone shipments, and now it’s hot on Samsung’s heels with tremendous growth despite the US trade ban. However, that hurdle too might soon be out of the way of Huawei.

The US has announced that the long-awaited exemption licenses may soon be granted to companies looking to trade with Huawei. More than 260 requests for these licenses have been filed, and one of them is Google. If granted, Huawei will be able to produce smartphones with Google apps and services again.

This is great news for future Huawei smartphones, especially, the Huawei Mate 30, which is already shipping without Google services. This could seriously boost Huawei Mate 30 sales if Huawei brings in refreshed models with Google services and apps.

As for hardware supplies, chip maker ARM has already given a green light for trade so all eyes are on Google right now.

In any case, the future of Huawei smartphones heavily depends on the political situation between the US and China, which could change any second without any warning. Only time will tell how this situation turns out.