Xiaomi’s endless list of crowdfunded gadgets and smart products has just received its newest member. It is a vertical Qi wireless charging dock with a built in socket and has arrived on the Youpin platform for only $18.

Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket

It is a simple white charging block with several outlets, but, as the name suggests, it also has wireless charging capability. There is a dedicated wireless charging station on the side where you can place a tech gadget that supports wireless charging, like smartphones, smartwatches, or Bluetooth earbuds. This charger is equipped with dual charging coils so phones can be placed horizontally or vertically.

The angle makes viewing the screen easy while the phone charges. A green-colored indicator shows the charging status of different devices. The maximum wireless charging speed supported is 10W.

Since it is a regular charger as well, it has three USB C ports and output on a single port is 18W. There are also standard combination jacks on the sides that can fulfill the needs of desktop plugs.

The Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket will go for sale tomorrow in China for $18.