Xiaomi has launched a unique notebook through its Youpin crowdfunding platform with a focus on privacy and security. To clarify, it is not a thin laptop, but an actual notebook/diary with smart privacy features.

Called the Lookbook Pro, the notebook has just been launched on the company’s website and it comes in Gray and Dark Green color options. There is a fingerprint sensor on the side and an LED indicator right on top of the sensor with the brand name on it. The fingerprint reader only takes 0.6 seconds to unlock.

Instead of having to keep important notes in a locker somewhere, you can easily carry this notebook around instead with all your important details. There is also a compartment to keep a pen inside and other documents and papers on the side. The book itself is bound in a leather cover and the pages inside are standard B6 sized


Lockbook Pro is powered by a 160mAh battery that can last two months if the notebook is opened and closed 10 times a day. It has been launched in China for $40 and there is no word on international availability yet.

You can check out more details by going to Xiaomi’s Youpin website.