Xiaomi’s ever-growing list of smart appliances and products has just received its newest member. Instead of the usual home appliances or gadgets, the company is crowdfunding a high-end smart mattress that starts at a steep $650.

The new 8H Smart Mattress is able to adjust its softness and hardness depending on your needs. It can also adjust to suit different postures and determine the partition between two halves of the bed. The mattress itself is 26cm thick and covered with 3 cm thick Italian Schcott natural latex.

It comes with a plethora of other features including sleep aid mode, 5 algorithms, XiaoAI smart voice assistant, and independent 6 zone airbag, etc.


Thanks to its smart algorithm, the mattress’ AI can collect data from the human body and adjust airbag pressure according to different body types and needs. It only takes 20 seconds and it can map data from multiple people. Not only does it adjust to different body types, but it also adjusts around specific body parts such as the shoulders, arms, waist, legs, etc.

Additionally, the mattress can be paired with the Mijia app for wireless controls or voice commands through the XiaoAI voice assistant. The app can also report sleeping patterns for multiple people.

As mentioned before, the 8H Smart Mattress is being crowdfunded right now for $654.