With the ongoing pandemic, the demand for kids’ tablets and distant learning equipment has skyrocketed. Capitalizing on that need, Xiaomi has crowdfunded the latest version of Xiaoxun LCD tablet for kids that has several improvements such as a larger and improved display, new features, and more.

The new 16-inch Color LCD tablet has arrived at the Youpin store and should be available for sale soon.

Xiaoxun 16-inch Color LCD Tablet

The 16-inch tablet is primarily designed for kids but it can be used by anyone. It is mainly meant to be used for drawing and writing, and unlike the Mijia LCD drawing tablet, the new Xiaoxun can display up to three colors (blue, yellow, and green).

The tablet is equipped with a steel stylus that magnetically attaches to the side of the slate similar to the iPad’s Apple Pencil. The stylus is pressure-sensitive, meaning that it will draw thicker lines the more pressure is applied to it. Likewise, it will draw thinner lines if used light-handedly.

Xiaoxun 16-inch Color LCD Tablet

There is a single button at the bottom of the tablet to clear everything on the screen and a lock button on the side to disable the erase button to prevent accidental erases. As with all other tablets in the lineup, this one is also powered by a CR2025 coin battery that can last up to two years before needing replacement.

The Xiaoxun 16-inch Color LCD Tablet will be available in Pink and Blue colors and will go for only $28.