Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Smartmi has launched a multi-purpose DC inverter fan that comes with an adjustable pedestal and can be used on the floor as well as higher surfaces like tables.

Design and Construction

The key highlight of this product is the detachable pillar attached to the pedestal that allows users to adjust the fan’s height and use it for different purposes.

Like most Xiaomi fans and ACs, the Smartmi dual-purpose DC inverter also provides a nature-inspired breeze. According to the company, it is quieter than other fans launched in the past.

Apart from adjusting the height of the fan, users also have the liberty to adjust the fan’s orientation in literally every direction. The fan head can be moved upwards/ downwards by 100 degrees and left/ right by 120 degrees. Apart from control buttons on the fan itself, it can also be controlled using the remote that comes with it.

Other specifications

The wireless fan is equipped with a Japanese Nidec DC brushless motor with a noise reduction wind path system.

For a more streamlined functionality, the device comes with a wind hood and a 7-blade design. As per the company, this unique design ensures 24 times/h ventilation of the entire house. The wind can reach a distance of 9 meters, reaching a maximum of 24.8m³/min large wind output.

The whole package is fueled by a built-in lithium battery that can be used for up to 20 hours without needing to be plugged in.

Pricing and Availability

The device is currently available for sale in China at a $112 price tag. We are unsure whether it will be sold at Xiaomi Pakistan’s store anytime soon.