It is generally more common to hear about Smartphone exploding, but in a surprising turn of events, a pair of Apple Airpods reportedly exploded while the owner was making a call.

A report from Weibo says that the AirPods exploded on May 19 in the middle of a call. 23-year-old Zheng Tang sustained minor injuries to his right ear from the explosion. The medical report confirmed skin rupture that improved after 2 days of anti-inflammatory medicine but it caused recurring pain and hearing loss.

Upon visiting the doctor again, Zheng had swelling in his ear that was bleeding. There was a crack on the anterior cartilage of the right canal and blood had accumulated in the tympanic cavity.

Apple AirPods Explode While Owner Was Making a Call

As for the wearable itself, the AirPods showed no sign of charring and scorching but had a noticeable crack.

This pair of earbuds was purchased from an Apple store in Wanda for $180. Apple has retrieved the Airpods for investigation and to ascertain what actually happened. The customer will be compensated according to local laws if the product is found to have quality issues.