Amidst the growing popularity of wireless charging for Smartphones and wearables, Xiaomi is working on something interesting to add to it. A newly uncovered patent from the Chinese company has revealed that the tech giant may be working on a phone case that can store as well as wirelessly charge earbuds.

The patent originally uncovered by 91Mobiles shows a phone case with a holder at the back that can store earbuds and also wirelessly charge them, delivering a truly wireless experience. Of course, for this to work, the phone will need to be capable of reverse wireless charging.

The description of the patent reads that the charging accessory can be attached and detached from the phone case at any time, but doesn’t reveal how it does so. Additionally, it isn’t limited to Airpods’ stem design earbuds as it also supports Samsung’s Galaxy Earbud’s style with no stem.

Xiaomi Patents a Phone Case That Can Wirelessly Charge Earbuds

Although the accessory’s function is interesting, it would also make the phone difficult to use or carry around while charging a pair of earbuds. That being said, we hope this accessory sees some improvements in terms of practicality if it ever sees the light of the day as it could prove to be something incredibly convenient.