Samsung wants to showcase the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera capabilities at the next level. The phone maker giant has partnered with British film director Joe Wright who is known for his work on titles such as Pride and Prejudice and Atonement.

The two parties have started working together on a film called Princess & Peppernose, directed by Joe Wright. This will be a musical film where all the live-action choreography and puppetry will be recorded by the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The trailer for the film is also captured by the S21 Ultra. Check it out below.

The Cinematographer for Princess & Peppernose said:

We chose to embrace the wider lens, something we’d never done before. Moving in for close-ups with the same lens we used for wider shots gave the film a very specific look and feel, a kind of ghostly, hallucinatory quality and took us back to the times shooting with a Super8.

The S21 Ultra will also be shooting another film called Love Will Tear Us Apart, which will be directed by Sha Mo, an up-and-coming Chinese director. The Chinese director will be using the S21 Ultra for other films as well such as Kids of Paradise and My Huckleberry Friends. 

But that doesn’t stop here as Samsung plans to continue partnering with movie directors around the world to keep showcasing Samsung phones’ capabilities.