Last week, we heard the news that Samsung is going to produce foldable displays for Google and other phone makers this year. Now a new report adds to this story, revealing new details on Samsung’s foldable panels and their supply.

Other than Google, Samsung has reportedly struck a deal with Vivo and Xiaomi as well. Xiaomi has already announced its first foldable, but Google and Vivo plan to do so by the end of this year. Samsung Display will start mass-producing flexible OLED panels for them in October.

The report adds that the foldable Google Pixel will have a 7.6” in-folding display, while Vivo’s will have a larger 8” panel with a squarish aspect ratio. The foldable Vivo phone will also have a 6.5” external display made by BOE at the B7 factory.

Samsung to Mass Produce Foldable Displays for Google, Xiaomi, Vivo Soon

We already know that the Mi Mix Fold has an 8-inch inner display and a 6.52-inch outer screen with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Oppo was also rumored to launch a foldable device with Samsung panels, but the launch was reportedly pushed back to 2022. The Oppo foldable is expected to be a clamshell device similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, but with a 7.1” inner panel and a small 1.52-inch external display.

We don’t expect to hear more on the Oppo folding phone until the end of 2021 at least.