Foldable smartphones are expensive devices costing more than $1000 – $1500 since they are still a relatively new technology. However, going forward, these prices are expected to drop over the years and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Z Fold 3 might be the first to do so.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected to cost around $1600 at launch, which is 20% lower compared to previous generations. In contrast, the Z Fold 2 cost $2000 at launch, but then dropped to $1800 later on, and even less after that. This means that we can expect the Z Fold 3 to drop to $1200 in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Z Fold 3 Will be 20% Cheaper: Rumor

It may drop even further in the future, considering that the Z Fold 2 currently costs as little as $1200 in some regions in the US.

The Galaxy Z Flip 2 is expected to cost 20% less as well. Earlier this year, a rumor claimed that the clamshell device will switch to a mid-range chipset and there will be separate 4G and 5G models just like before. The original Z Flip came with a starting price of $1380, which means that we can expect the Z Flip 2 to cost between $1100 to $1200.

Though it is worth mentioning that the original Z Flip now costs only $600 on Samsung’s official website.