Currently, Samsung is working on expanding its foldable phone segment and is trying to make these innovative smartphones a mass-market product. One of the driving factors is the ever-growing demand for larger displays.

Reportedly, the Korean Giant is working on another foldable smartphone (may or may not be Samsung Galaxy Fold 2). The folding smartphone, based on reports, will be a clamshell foldable phone with a small cover display for notifications and battery information.

The smartphone is expected to launch at the MWC in Barcelona by the end of February 2020 alongside the Samsung Galaxy S11 lineup.

We don’t have much information regarding the internals of the smartphone but analysts are expecting it to cost as less as $845 in the local market and $1000 in the global market.

As far as the Company’s plans regarding foldable smartphones are concerned, it is expected that Samsung will launch at least two foldable smartphones in 2020. The first one will be (most likely) launched in February at the MWC while the second one will launch sometime around August.

Samsung also recently filed a patent for a Mate X-like outward folding smartphone. We are expecting this to be the successor of 2019 launched Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, we cannot say anything for sure.

Despite all the difficulties and expenses during the manufacturing process, Samsung is adamant that it will reduce the prices to make foldable smartphones available to the common man.