5G has barely made it around the globe, but that is not stopping tech giants from working on the next generation of telecommunication. Huawei and Oppo are already working on 6G and now LG is on its way to show off how 6G works in real life.

The demonstration was planned for the 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition which is set to take place from 22 to 24 December. The tech giant showcased its progress with a 6G wireless transmission and reception. LG unveiled a power amplifier for 6G for the first time in collaboration with a German research institute called the Fraunhofer Research Institute.

LG Shows Off 6G With Up to 1 Terabit Speed


The company had already tested this 6G amplifier back in August in Berlin. The Korean brand was able to successfully transmit and receive wireless data within a 100-meter distance outdoors using the 6G frequency band.

LG plans to use this amplifier to provide sufficient amplification of the transmission frequency for ultra-wideband wireless communication. This will enable the 6G terahertz frequency band that will allow for speeds up to 1 terabit per second, a big leap over previous network generations.

LG also took the stage to showcase its adaptive beamforming technology for enhanced data quality.

However, the commercial deployment is not happening anytime soon as LG is targeting a 2029 release. Until then, we have plenty of time for 5G to become commonplace.