Cricket season is one of the most exciting times in Pakistan. It is also the busiest season for every major industry player in the country. To enable its users during the much-anticipated T20 World Cup, Telenor Pakistan has launched an International Roaming Bundle to enable all its users who are in the UAE and Oman.

As one of the largest cellular data providers in the country, Telenor Pakistan strives to enable its users in every scenario. Since its inception in 2005, its business is driven by the mission to empower every Pakistani to do more, to be more, and to achieve more.

With this mission at its core, most services offered by Telenor Pakistan are focused on providing extra value to its users. This is emphasized by the tagline “More Se Zyada”, where they claim to provide more value as compared to competitors.

Similarly, while most roaming offers are focused on data, this bundle by Telenor is an all-rounder, covering everything from MBs to Minutes and SMS.

In just PKR 999, this hybrid bundle offers 1,000 MBs of data, 100 minutes of talk time, and 100 SMS, for 30 days. Offered exclusively for the T20 World Cup, this aims to empower Telenor Pakistan’s users in Oman and UAE.

Due to their focus on providing More Se Zyada value, Telenor has become one of the largest growing networks in Pakistan. Their team believes that to empower any society, the first (and perhaps the most important step) is to keep them connected.

For this, Telenor has worked to not only provide basic cellular services but also high-speed internet to enable individuals and businesses. Through various socio-economic as well as corporate initiatives, they have worked to create a positive impact on Pakistani society.

Their commitment to developing a lasting relationship with their users is evident from the fact that they are working to enable Pakistanis, even when they’re outside Pakistan. Telenor promises to connect its users to what matters the most, and right now, hardly anything matters more to Pakistanis than cricket.

By providing data so that the users can stream matches and get updates, as well as minutes and SMS so that they can enjoy the World Cup with their loved ones by staying connected all the time, Telenor Pakistan has proved that it cares about its users and their needs.