Subsequent to the Covid-19 catastrophe, our world has largely shifted onto the digital space for life and work-related activities.

As education, work, and entertainment, all converged on a smart handset along with tablets and laptop computers, of which we are all avid users, we saw data consumption increase by manifold during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, spectrum bands across Pakistan had a hard time coping with the unexpected ballooning of internet traffic that resulted in service degradation and at times complete outages much to the dismay of many users.

Nonetheless, the quality of the service is evidently improving as the Covid safety protocols ease and more so for some users following PTA’s recent spectrum auction.

If user feedback were to be believed, Ufone’s internet connectivity and speeds have been improving, following its 4G services rollout. The new 4G service is enabling the company to deliver a better user experience to its customers.

Ufone Users Experience Better Internet Speeds Across Twin Cities

Recently, ProPakistani received positive reviews from Ufone users across the twin cities about the company’s improved data speeds and glitch-free connectivity. Many customers expressed their satisfaction with regards to the new improved user experience on the network.

They said video calls on Messenger, WhatsApp, and other video calling and conferencing apps were now uninterrupted and much clearer, while the browsing experience has become so much better. Others testified that high-quality videos breezed through for hours without any glitch.

Ufone Users Experience Better Internet Speeds Across Twin Cities

The recent advertising campaign of the company indicates that it intends to offer products that are relevant to the younger generation in fulfilling their needs especially in relation to data volume.

Following its 4G license acquisition, Ufone vowed to bring an enhanced user experience to its customers. The company promised to keep its users connected to their friends and family at all times through their improved and modernized network.

Ufone Users Experience Better Internet Speeds Across Twin Cities

The company is investing to deliver an improved user experience to its customers besides seeking a nationwide expansion of its network, services, and subscribers’ base.

The telco is now on an ambitious drive to expand its footprint in the country and is signaling readiness to make a much bigger impact than ever.

Ufone Users Experience Better Internet Speeds Across Twin Cities

Ufone has a strong presence in Balochistan where its 4G services are expected to play a crucial role in the transformation of the area vis-à-vis the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and social and economic development of the province.

It is yet to be seen if better speeds are reason enough for internet users to flock to Ufone but the company has dared them to ‘switch to the faster lane’ where they are able to enjoy high speed and uninterrupted connectivity round the clock.