Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has invited application from cellular mobile operators for 16 MHz paired spectrum in the 1800 MHz band and 30 MHz paired in the 2100 MHz band for technology neutral Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

PTA has issued the Information Memorandum (IM) according to which the auction is scheduled to be held on October 13, 2021, however, according to sources, the operators may require more time for consultation. However, the auction may be held latest by October 20, 2021.,


Overview of the Spectrum

The Spectrum Auction of NGMS in AJ&K and GB is for use of spectrum from the internationally harmonized 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz bands within AJ&K and GB. The spectrum included in the Spectrum Auction of NGMS in AJ&K and GB comprises: (a) 2 x 16 MHz in the 1800 MHz band; and (b) 2 x 30 MHz (1930-1950 MHz / 2120–2140 MHz and 1960-1970 MHz / 2150-2160 MHz) in the 2100 MHz band.

The 2×16 MHz of spectrum will be packaged as two blocks of 2×5 MHz and five blocks of 2×1.2MHz. The 2×30 MHz in the 2100 MHz band will be packaged as six specific blocks of 2×5 MHz: (a) 2×5 MHz (1930-1935 MHz / 2120-2125 MHz); (b) 2×5 MHz (1935-1940 MHz / 2125-2130 MHz); (c) 2×5 MHz (1940-1945 MHz / 2130-2135 MHz); (d) 2×5 MHz (1945-1950 MHz/ 2135-2140 MHz); (e) 2×5 MHz (1960-1965 MHz/ 2150-2155 MHz); and (f) 2×5 MHz (1965-1970 MHz/2155-2160 MHz).

Each Applicant will be required to state their interest in the following spectrum at the Base Price:

  • Product 1: Up to 2 blocks of 2×5 MHz in 1800 MHz;
  • Product 2: Up to 5 blocks of 2×1.2MHz in 1800 MHz;
  • Product 3: Between 1 and 6 blocks of 2×5 MHz in 2100 MHz: Block 1: (1930-1935 MHz / 2120-2125 MHz); (ii.) Block 2: (1935-1940 MHz / 2125-2130 MHz); (iii.) Block 3: (1940-1945 MHz / 2130-2135 MHz); (iv.) Block 4: (1945-1950 MHz / 2135-2140 MHz); (v.) Block 5: (1960-1965 MHz / 2150-2155 MHz); and (vi.) Block 6: (1965-1970 MHz /2155-2160 MHz).

The base price for 2×1 MHz in 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz is $0.87 million. The base price for 1800 MHz – Product 1 2×5 MHz is $4.35 million, 1800 MHz – Product 2 2×1.2 MHz $1.04 million and 2100 MHz 2×5.0 MHz is $4.35 million.


 Timeline for the process of the Spectrum Auction of NGMS in AJ&K and GB

S No                     Process step Timeline (T0*/T1 + No. of days)
1 Publication of Information Memorandum T0
2 The consultation period on the Spectrum Auction rules and procedures as set out in the Information Memorandum T0 + [21]
3 Notification of changes to the Spectrum Auction of NGMS in AJ&K and GB rules and procedures, if any, and publication of any changes to the IM T0 + [26]
4 Information session for prospective Applicants (last opportunity for prospective Applicants to ask questions and get clarification on specifics of the 

Spectrum Auction), if required

T0 + [30]
5 Deadline for prospective Applicants to submit Application Form and Sealed-Bid Form with Pre-Bid Deposits (Annex B and Annex E) T1 = T0 + [35] 

(till 4 pm Pakistan

Standard Time)

6 PTA notifies Qualified Applicant(s) and informs all Qualified Applicants whether the Auction shall move to the Electronic Auction Stage or PTA declares Qualified Applicants as Provisional Winners. T1 + [1]
7 If PTA proceeds with the Electronic Auction Stage, an information package containing confidential information and instructions to participate in the Electronic Auction Stage is provided to Qualified Applicants eligible to participate in the stage. T1 + [2]
8 Mock Auction (1800 MHz and 2100 MHz), if required, for eligible Qualified Applicants T1 + [5]
9 Clock Auction bidding starts, if required T1 + [6]
10 SMRA Auction bidding starts, if required, for eligible Qualified Applicants T1 + [7
11 Provisional Winners announced for both spectrum bands No more than [1] day 

after completion of the

Electronic Auction

Stage, if required

12 Initial Spectrum Fees are due from Provisional Winners for all Spectrum Blocks acquired in the Spectrum Auction (i.e. 50% or 100% payment of the Initial Spectrum Fee). According to the schedule in Section 2.5 

of this IM

13 PTA in consultation with FAB to issue 

Rationalization Plan for the 1800MHz band and, if necessary, proposed band plan for 2100 MHz band.

After receipt of all 

relevant Initial

Spectrum Fee

14 Deadline for CMOs to implement Rationalisation Plan for the 1800MHz band; Within 30 days of PTA 

having published the

Rationalisation Plan

15 Grant of Licenses/Assignment of right to use of spectrum After having received 

the 50% or 100% of the

Initial Spectrum Fee

and implementation of

Rationalization Plan

After having received the 50% or 100% of the Initial Spectrum Fee and implementation of Rationalization Plan