StormFiber, Pakistan’s leading fiber broadband services provider has partnered with the Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCC&I) to enhance the ease of doing business in the city.

Under the partnership, the SCC&I will support StormFiber in deploying its fiber-optic network across Sargodha, enabling local businesses to opt for robust fiber-optic connectivity.

Besides boosting broadband penetration in the city making ultra-fast broadband available to the citizens of Sargodha, the collaboration will also work towards helping the business community bridge the gap between local traders and global buyers.

The initiative is well-aligned with SCC&I goals of facilitating the industrial sector of Sargodha in boosting business growth and creating new e-commerce opportunities through the transformation of traditional trading practices.

StormFiber Partners With Sargodha Chamber of Commerce

Sharing his thoughts on the development, Malik Asif Ameer Awan, President, SCC&I, said, “One of the key focus areas for SCC&I is to develop close liaisons with various stakeholders to facilitate the growth of trade and industry.”

“We are proud to collaborate with StormFiber for this strategic initiative that will open a plethora of business avenues for the citizens of Sargodha. Our local businesses will be now better equipped to compete in a dynamic environment through improved understanding of global competitive landscape where the need for digital visibility is becoming vital,” he added.

Also commenting on the occasion, Akhtar Saeed Gondal, Senior Vice President, SCC&I, said, “E-commerce is booming across the nation, with local industry players taking an avid interest in the online retail segmentation for their products and services.”

“It’s imperative for Sargodha to be resting its connectivity needs on a service that is built for the future. This partnership reflects our commitment to enable our local traders with state-of-the-art broadband services that are the need of the hour,” he further commented.

Fawad Yousuf Laher, Managing Director, StormFiber, also shared his views on the occasion. “We look forward to this strategic partnership with SCC&I, an institution that envisions promotion of local trade on a global level.”

“With their support, we will be able to deploy our state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure across the city so that the citizens are well-equipped with ultra-fast broadband, which has become a basic necessity for growing local businesses to compete on international levels,” he added.

Babar Harl, Business Unit Head, Sargodha StormFiber, stated, “Sargodha as a city has immense potential in terms of trade and industry. Robust connectivity plays a pivotal role here, since it would provide the local citizens, access to global opportunities that will significantly stimulate their growth.”

“We really look forward to this collaboration with SCC&I and are confident that this will contribute to the overall wellbeing of the city,” he further added.

Sargodha is one of the largest citrus-producing cities in the country, accounting for 80% of the national produce. A large chunk of this produce is exported globally, impacting positively on the balance of trade.

A stable and reliable broadband infrastructure, such as StormFiber’s, is expected to attract FDI (Foreign direct investment) for the city, thereby contributing to the overall GDP of the country.