Gaining a lot of traction in the last few years, experts are recognizing the key role played by Customer Value Management (CVM) capabilities and Data Analytics in maximizing business value for the telecom industry and staying competitive through data-driven insights and a personalized offering approach.

This was the topic of discussion during the recently held ‘Telecoms World M.E’ webinar which was attended by notable telecom industry leaders from the Middle East, including Asif Aziz, CCO Jazz; Rob Beswick, MD Virgin Mobile; Tiago Rocha, CMO Zain, and Karim Tabbouche, CCO STC.

Asif Aziz, Chief Commercial Officer at Jazz, talked about how the company was using CVM to unlock customer value. Asif said, “With 183 million cellular subscribers in Pakistan, we now stand at a high teledensity of 84%, leading to a number of microeconomic challenges that limit the number of new users we can attract towards our network.”

“CVM helps with these challenges by guiding us towards where we can capture maximum customer value. By analyzing the consumer data available to us, instead of chasing higher numbers of new users, we direct our strategies towards converting existing voice-only connections to 4G mobile subscriptions,” he added.

Adding further to the significance of Data Analytics, Asif said, “Jazz is able to predict with almost 99% accuracy how long a new customer will stay on the network once they are onboarded and what value they hold for the company, all based on just 7 days of their use of our network. This data leads to higher sale accuracies and better deployment of our strategic efforts”.

Speaking about how capturing value through consumer data became even more relevant through the pandemic, Asif said, “CVM and Data Analytics are central to our network load management and marketing strategies.”

“During COVID-19, we looked at the population migration through the country and witnessed a large number of people moving from the rural areas to work in the cities over the weekdays and then moving back to their villages over the weekend. This allowed us to effectively manage peak usage on our network.”

Asif added,” Our competitive advantage comes from our Data Scientists, who work purely on the data sets, and are helping us evolve from CVM to precision marketing. Four years ago, we were targeting fewer segments and sending out a larger number of messages to users.”

“Through what we have learned from data analytics, we have now shifted focus towards creating precisely targeted messages for a highly segmented market, getting much higher conversion rates in return. This intelligent use of analytics is what gives us our sustainable competitive advantage.”

Discussing how Jazz was currently bringing innovation through data science, Asif said, “We are working on something called real-time trigger analytics, which allows us to send our customers highly relevant, location and need-based offers.”

The reliance on data and analytics is transforming businesses around the world, and Jazz is making strategic investments in processes, platforms, and people to gear itself for this next step of evolution.

Jazz houses one of the largest data stores in Pakistan and is working proactively towards ushering a new era of digitization by refining the customer experience for over 69 million subscribers.