For years, Pakistanis have relied upon PTCL as their one true and authentic source of the internet. Being the first-ever connectivity solution provider of the whole country, PTCL has gained the trust of a mass population and seems to be their go-to option when it comes to efficiently catering to their communication needs.

Putting in its every effort to ensure that its customers don’t miss out on the best services and products, PTCL has constantly evolved to deliver a 360-degree communication solution.

The Nation’s Connection

To serve the rapidly changing demands of its loyal customers, today PTCL offers a wide selection of telephone, IPTV, and internet services. Ever since its inception, this innovation in its services has allowed PTCL to retain its position as the brand of the nation. Realizing the importance of staying connected, now more than ever, PTCL has introduced its Unlimited Internet Packages that provide its customers with connectivity that goes above and beyond.

PTCL’s Amazing Unlimited Internet Packages

Through a simple but effective TVC, PTCL has managed to showcase the defining moments with loved ones and family that make up every household. In a tech-paced age like today, a good internet connection at all given times is quite essential to stay connected to your family and friends.

Whether it’s through video streaming, online gaming, social networks, or unlimited internet for fast downloading, the presence of a strong connection is what gets our day-to-day tasks going.

What’s in the deal?

With PTCL’s Unlimited Internet Packages, of 8Mbps15Mbps25Mbps50Mbps, and up to 100Mbps you can now manage to stay connected and on top of your game with affordable and competitive rates.

Not only is PTCL a trustworthy internet connectivity provider with the best packages, it also supports multiple users with heavy usage in one household, which means you can continue all your internet-related activities without any glitches. Offering triple-play packages with telephone and PTCL Smart TV services, PTCL is truly a one true connection sufficient for the whole family.

To find out more about the awesome and unlimited internet packages provided by PTCL, give a call at 1218 or visit your nearest PTCL franchise. For now, click here to check the TVC that PTCL launched for the campaign:

Today’s digital customers demand high connectivity needs which must be met in time to keep the nation fully equipped with the best internet services. Being the nation’s connection, PTCL continues to introduce innovative packages to facilitate all its customers with the best quality services in the region.

The company’s ability to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations is what keeps it going and continue to be the best.