As Pakistan’s number one 4G operator and the largest internet and broadband service provider, Jazz has also established itself as a successful and dominant business-to-business (B2B) converged solutions provider.

Through the latest technologies in business connectivity, communications, M2M, and cloud services, along with a nationwide presence, dedicated round-the-clock support, and responsive sales services, Jazz Business is a one-window solutions provider, trusted by over 30,000 companies.

It provides start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises innovative solutions to help them operate more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and connect better with their customers.

In a bid to allow BYKEA easy to use, efficient, measurable, and cost-effective ways of broadcasting messages to its target audience, Jazz is providing its user-centric and relevant B2B solutions that allow customers to create a digital hub.

Commenting on Jazz Business solutions, Syed Ali Naseer, the Chief Business Officer at Jazz, exclaimed, “Jazz is adding value to the business community by acting as an essential bridge of connectivity and providing solutions that help further build connections where they previously didn’t exist.”

As Jazz embarked on its digital journey, the realization that the country’s ecosystem needed a lot of handholding hit harder than ever. By establishing a separate division for B2B solutions, the company identified opportunities where it could not only create a product but also define an ecosystem in which that product could work seamlessly.

Be it Jazz Cloud, IoT, JazzCash, or other solutions, Jazz Business is committed to working with its partners to add value and help them grow as a business.

Grateful to their two-year-long relationship with Jazz, Muneeb Maaayr, CEO Bykea expressed his gratitude saying, “Ever since we partnered with Jazz as a cellular and bandwidth provider for all our employees, we have only had one sentiment towards their services and that can be summed up in one word: reliability.”

Through its cutting-edge integrated technology, Jazz allows corporations and business individuals to implement convergence at the workplace, leading to breakthrough cost savings, real-time insights, and next-level customer relations.

Umar Badshah is the Managing Director at Teltonika, a B2B company that requires a lot of connectivity as it runs more than one million devices.

When it comes to partnering with Jazz Business, Umar expresses a similar sentiment as Muneeb, saying, “Both in terms of corporate connectivity and cellular coverage, we rely on Jazz. Our relationship with Jazz has been such an incredible one that we look forward to developing it into a long-term partnership.”

In this fast-paced world, the ability to adapt and harness the full potential of the latest technology is tantamount to success. The provision of all the necessary digital tools by Jazz Business allows businesses to achieve their objectives in this new digital age.

By offering smart one-window solutions, flexible services, and reliable infrastructure, Jazz Business is delivering up-to-the-mark integrated business services and keeping up with its promise of a better-connected world.