In the day and age of social media, misinformation and negativity can spread like wildfire, creating a divisive reality. But Telenor Pakistan is taking a different track, channelling the power of 4G and social media into social good, bringing awareness and prosperity to small businesses and street vendors across the homeland.

To achieve this objective, the network has launched a very special Ramzan campaign, with #AchaiKaTrend.

Kicking the campaign off with a short promotional video on social media to raise awareness of the need to support local businesses, Telenor Pakistan invites people from all over the country to play their part.

Anyone with a social media account and a smartphone can take pictures or videos of their favorite street vendors or small businesses and post them for their followers with #AchaiKaTrend. The goal is to spread positivity through awareness.

Campaigns like Telenor Pakistan’s #AchaiKaTrend are designed to encourage a positive usage of social media and connectivity instead of misusing it as a platform for online distraction or procrastination.

Telenor Pakistan’s #AchaiKaTrend: A Commitment to Kindness


While addictive and, at times, controversial, social media networks are also undeniably among the best ways to stay informed. They offer major news corporations the platform to keep the masses informed with immediate updates through various forms of media.

It is used by billions of people around the world for staying in touch with distant friends and family, for marketing their businesses, or even just as a means to receive news.

One of the benefits of Telenor Pakistan’s Ramzan campaign is that anyone, anywhere in Pakistan can support a business with something as simple as a picture.

As we have seen in the case of Arshad Khan in the past, a tea vendor from Islamabad’s Sunday market, sometimes it only takes one portrait to change your life.

Telenor Pakistan understands that the objective of its #AchaiKaTrend campaign is to bring even a tiny positive change in communities, just through the power of your word.

“True social good can only be expected when everyone works together, instead of a few. The #AchaiKaTrend campaign places the power to do that good in the hands of the everyday Pakistani who lacks the resources but not the motivation to do good for their surroundings,” says Telenor Pakistan CEO, Irfan Wahab Khan in an interview.

Using the power of connectivity, you too can make a difference in the life of the 18-year-old Shah Nawaz who mans a vegetable stall in the blistering heat every day to support his younger siblings’ education and his family.

Or you can support Sadia Bibi, the street food vending entrepreneur who works hard every day to single-handedly afford her two sons’ education. You can also make a difference in the lives of Abdul Rahim’s family of five, as he rides his bicycle around town in the hopes of selling some fruits to put food on the table.

Although launching during the blessed month of Ramzan, the #AchaiKaTrend campaign has been designed to stay active all year round.