TruckSher ( is Pakistan’s most advanced digital land freight network. It is focused on organizing the country’s unorganized but large trucking industry.

TruckSher has invested heavily into an advanced technology platform that integrates with a digital customer interface for shippers, i.e., manufacturers or traders, along with an app interface for Pakistan’s thousands of truck owners and drivers.

Sarmayacar, one of Pakistan’s leading venture capital funds, is backing the venture with Abid Butt as the Managing Director. Abid comes with a long and successful career in Pakistan’s logistics industry, has degrees from LUMS and INSEAD, and was recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2015.

Rabeel Warraich, Managing Partner at Sarmayacar, said, “We are very excited about the TruckSher team and the business model. It is a very large sector and there is a lot of successful precedence across the world where digital freight networks have created efficiencies, higher jobs, and better service levels.”

TruckSher went live in Pakistan in February 2021 and commenced operations from the trading and industrial hubs of Karachi and Lahore and targets to spread across the country rapidly.

“We feel the rapid scale, and successful technology adaptation is key to ensure we are able to add value to our clients and member drivers. TruckSher will scale rapidly with offices across the land freight network, ports, industrial zones, and agricultural belts of Pakistan,” adds Abid Butt.

TruckSher raised an undisclosed sum and is endorsed by multiple industrialists in various end markets in Pakistan.

Digital freight networks have been disrupting this traditional industry across the world, with brands like Uber Freight, Full Truck Alliance, and Convoy scaling at astronomical rates in other markets.