Instagram has reportedly crossed the 2 billion monthly active users mark. The leak was shared by anonymous Meta employees to CNBC.

The Meta-owned social media giant is expected to not disclose the details as the company was under fire over allegations of potentially harming children and teens.

Back in 2018, Instagram revealed the size of its userbase, surpassing the 1 billion active users mark. Instagram took three years to reach 2 billion active users.

The number was revelated to employees during an internal investigation. One employee stated that the platform had already surpassed 2 billion active users a week before Zuckerberg’s announcement to change Fakebook’s name to Meta.

Instagram has been in head-to-head competition with TikTok, which crossed 1 billion users back in September. For now, Instagram is far ahead of TikTok. However, that may soon change. Instagram is trying to keep up with rolling out features similar to TikTok, such as the latest Reels Visual Reply.

Instagram is currently not in a position to brag about this achievement, since a previous internal report claimed that the platform causes body image issues in teens. Instagram has also been accused of making it easier for teens to find drugs.

To counter the numerous accusations, the platform introduced a “take a break feature” prompting users to close the app after a certain time. Instagram also announced that it will introduce new parental controls.