TikTok became popular with its vertical video format with audio playing in the background. Many companies have since then incorporated the vertical video style into their mobile apps such as Facebook and YouTube Shorts.

Spotify is now next in line to test out a similar feature that displays a feed of vertical videos, known as Discover.

Twitter user Chris Messina found the latest feature on a Spotify TestFlight build, the iOS application for developers to release beta versions.

The latest feature is allegedly related to Canvas, the Spotify feature that allows musicians to replace static album art or song pages with short videos. Videos appearing in the Discover tab have been noted to be Canvas videos cropped into vertical formats.

Users can swipe vertically between the clips and ‘heart’ the videos, adding them to the list of liked songs.

In a comment to TechCrunch, Spotify revealed that the feature is currently only for testing the potential of such a feature, indicating that Discover may not get a public release, unless widely acclaimed.

This is not the first time Spotify has integrated features and ideas from other companies into their products. The company launched Greenroom, a competitor of both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. The company also plans on testing a Stories feature in January next year.