Twitter has been working on Super Follows since the start of the year and the feature has finally gone live. Similar to Patreon, Super Follows will let your charge your followers a monthly subscription for exclusive content. The feature is a part of Twitter’s plan to expand its revenue stream.

Accounts with over 10,000 followers and at least 25 tweets in the last month will be eligible for Super Follows. You will also need to file an application and join a waitlist. Twitter started the application system back in June so it has already approved some creators for Super Follows.

Twitter Launches Super Follows for Exclusive Subscribers

Eligible accounts will have three options for their subscribers including $2.99, $4.99, and $9.99 per month. Accounts with Super Followers can also mark tweets for subscribers only while using their regular tweets for unpaid users.

Paid followers will get a special Super Follower badge, subscriber-only newsletters, exclusive content, deals and discounts, community access, and more. The Super Follower badge will appear in replies as well, letting these followers directly interact with the creators they wish to support.

For now, it is only available in the US and Canada for iOS users, but it will be rolled out to other regions and platforms in the upcoming weeks.