Message reactions are a thing in several popular social apps such as Instagram, Discord, Skype, and more, but it has never been a part of WhatsApp. That is about to change soon as it appears that WhatsApp is testing the feature in its latest beta version.


The feature was spotted by WABeta Info, the tech blog that spots upcoming WhatsApp features before they are announced. The latest beta version of WhatsApp shows that the company is testing message reactions with a very small circle of users.

Just like other apps, this feature will let you quickly react to a message using emojis. Long-press a message and you’ll see a row of emojis to instantly react with one instead of having to quote a reply.

Once the feature rolls out, you’ll need to have the latest version of WhatsApp to use it. If not, you’ll see the message shown in the image below.

The screenshot was shared by someone who saw the message, which was clearly intended as a test.

WhatsApp to Get Message Reactions Soon

It is unclear when the feature will become available for everyone and the fact that it’s currently in testing doesn’t reveal much either. This is because WhatsApp has often tested features publicly long before they are ready for release, so hang tight as it could possibly take months to become official.