Facebook is planning to bring back voice and video calls to its main app. These features have been missing from the main app ever since Facebook moved them to Messenger in 2014.


Several people started seeing the chatting features on the main app as part of a test this week. Facebook hasn’t shared any plans of bringing other Messenger features to the main app, but Messenger’s director of product management did say “you’re going to start to see quite a bit more of this over time.”

Facebook is Testing Voice and Video Calls for its Main App

Facebook has confirmed to The Verge that they’re testing voice and video calls in “several countries, including the US.” The social network giant has not said how many users will see the feature, but it is clear that the Messenger app is not going anywhere. This is because Facebook has said, “for a full-featured messaging, audio and video call experience, people should continue using Messenger”.

This also shows that the main app is not going to get extensive chatting features like Messenger.

The move comes shortly after an amended antitrust complaint filed this week, which could force Facebook to spin-off its apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger.

Hence, it is possible that Facebook is trying to work around the situation by moving its Messenger features back to the main app.