Hundreds of Twitter users have been reporting a massive drop in followers since last night. Many users have also taken to the platform to seek answers from Twitter’s management.

From politicians to journalists and army veterans to activists, numerous high-profile personalities have also reported a sudden decrease in follower count, which ranges from hundreds to several thousand.

Former Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM), Dr. Shahbaz Gill, said that he has lost around 50,000 followers overnight. He also demanded answers from Twitter’s management about the sudden decrease in followers.

Sports journalist, Wajahat Kazmi, termed the development as Twitter robbery, adding that he has lost 3,000 followers overnight. Journalists Amnah Jabeen, Maryam Nawaz Khan, and Shiraz Hassan reported that they each have lost 1,000 followers overnight.

Another spots journalist, Ihtisham-ul-Haq, said that Twitter will no longer allow bots or fake followers. He suggested everyone check their followers. In case there is a dip, these followers were probably fake or bots.

Although Twitter has not yet issued an official statement on the issue, the sudden drop in the number of followers appears to be a part of a clean-up exercise by Twitter to remove bots and fake followers from the platform.

Last month, a similar issue was reported after Twitter announced that Elon Musk has agreed to acquire Twitter. However, Twitter later clarified that the decrease in followers was completely organic in nature and the company did not take any measures to remove fake followers and bots from the platform.