Breaking the barriers and making the dreams come true, these entrepreneurs have redefined luxury and work. In this age of the internet and technology, we see a great rise in smartphone users and there are a few who are making the best of it.

Whether it’s doing multitasking or keeping up with the new trends, keeping in connection with the world, or capturing the beauty of life; these entrepreneurs are acing every task and they are using the best in the world innovative smartphones.

The new X60 Pro is redefining performance and luxury, so who better to decide all this technology and challenge it to the next level than the nation’s rising entrepreneurs. Here’s how they are making the most of not only the advanced Gimbal Stabilization 2.0, but also all features of the new X60 Pro.

1. Sahr Said, Co-Founder – Beauty Hooked
Sahr Said is the CEO and co-founder of BeautyHooked, a home-grown beauty services platform. Sahr believes in women empowerment and her venture is working in the same space and making a significant difference by empowering thousands of young women.

The Awe-Inspiring Vivo X60 Pro Gets Praise and Recommendation from Pakistani Entrepreneurs

A young entrepreneur, a passionate businesswoman, a mother of two kids, and a learner, Sahr is making the best of everything and believes in never missing a moment. And in this journey, vivo X60 Pro is her perfect companion.

“Whether it’s work or my house, the new X60 Pro helps me perform better. We work around the beauty segment and it’s always been a challenge to capture that in its truest form. The vivo X60 Pro camera is the most advanced camera out there in the market, especially due to the vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System.”

“When I am with my family during all those late-night moments, it’s always the best time for me and I had always tried to capture it and store it forever but the picture quality used to be a major disappointment. The Superb Night Camera 2.0 in the new vivo X60 Pro works like magic.”

“I can capture crystal sharp pictures even in low light. What’s even more exciting is that this smartphone has a sophisticated yet professional look!”

2. Asad Sheikh, Foodies R Us

A well-known name in the food circuit, Mr. Asad Sheikh is a food enthusiast based in Lahore who owns and runs one such popular group on Facebook, named Foodies ‘R Us with his life revolving around food and food content.

Asad has been curating some lip-smacking content which is a treat to both eyes and taste. Talking about the development in food photography and the importance of a stabilizing camera for food video, he said:

“Capturing food is an art. You present it to your viewers, and they just can’t stop drooling. But to achieve that, you need a camera that provides you with true colors, and the biggest challenge while shooting food is stabilization. vivo X60 Pro is the perfect solution for it.”

The Awe-Inspiring Vivo X60 Pro Gets Praise and Recommendation from Pakistani Entrepreneurs

“The camera is smooth, and the Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 feature helps me to capture the perfect essence of the cuisine. Also, since I’m capturing hundreds of pictures every day, storage becomes a major issue for me but thanks to the expandable memory feature, I can now click pictures and videos in peace.”

3. Hamza Abdul Rauf – Telemart
Hamza Abdul Rauf is a passionate entrepreneur and co-founder of Telemart. He is a youth icon and a firm believer in digitalization. He mentions that for the nation’s growth the young generation needs to have an all-advanced gear. The need for an all-in-one solution helps a person to do their everyday tasks better in terms of speed and quality.

The Awe-Inspiring Vivo X60 Pro Gets Praise and Recommendation from Pakistani Entrepreneurs

“When I switched to vivo X60 Pro, for me it was an upgrade to the most advanced technology out there. The smartphone is breaking every record by providing a professional camera and elegant design feature. Equipped with vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System, and a powerful processor which supports multiple tasks without even a single glitch, vivo X60 Pro is what I always wanted.”

“I process all my work on this smartphone, with the best quality especially seen during virtual calls. Even for my personal use, I’ve been capturing moments with professional-grade quality, almost making me a professional photographer.”

4. Atif Rana – Lahore Qalandars

Atif Rana is a well-known personality in the country. He is the CEO of one of the most famous cricket teams in Pakistan – Lahore Qalandars. He is highly active on social media and loves to interact with fans. For him, good quality and performance mean everything whether it is work, sports, or even the smartphone.

The Awe-Inspiring Vivo X60 Pro Gets Praise and Recommendation from Pakistani Entrepreneurs

“I love interacting with the fans and make sure I serve them well with what they need. The quality of photos I used to click was so bad that I could never post them. But after upgrading to vivo X60 Pro, I can capture phenomenal photographs as I know it brings ZEISS-level proficiency into them, and even the fans love my pictures. The vivo X60 Pro defines luxury for me, whether it’s the sleek look or the top features.

5. Monis Rahman, Founder –

Monis Rahman is a Pakistani internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and businessman. Rahman is the co-founder and executive chairman of Naseeb Networks, Inc. a business-oriented social network used primarily for online job recruiting, and Finja, a new-age financial services platform.

By making his fortune through the web and making the lives of individuals simpler, he comprehends the potential and the need for innovation. His daily work includes a constant connection with people and does multitasking at the same time and he relies upon the new vivo X60 Pro for his everyday tasks.

The Awe-Inspiring Vivo X60 Pro Gets Praise and Recommendation from Pakistani Entrepreneurs

“A good smartphone is the best resource. I must be constantly up-to-date, and I can’t manage work with the lags and glitches. The new vivo X60 Pro has definitely made my life simpler. In both my work and personal life, it assists me with seamless performance and does my tasks effortlessly. It’s an all-in-one smartphone device, just what every entrepreneur needs!”