Balochistan High Court has ruled against government officials being banned from social media. Quetta High Court’s Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan spoke against government bans saying that social media use should be regulated.

He said that social media has turned the world into a global village. While it does have negative effects on society, it has also brought about several positive developments. He said that no government official can be stopped from joining social media and that stopping them from making WhatsApp groups is baseless.

The high court made these remarks in the presence of the divisional bench’s judge, Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan, and Justice Zaheer Ul Deen. The government representative told the court that they have the right to bar officials from social media so that they can perform their duties better.

However, Justice Naeem Akhtar argued that the importance and benefits of social media cannot be ignored and that it can be used for the betterment of society. He said that the use of social media should be regulated like the US and users should be educated on proper use and its potential negatives.

The government representative acknowledged the court’s decision and said that the government should regulate social media similar to mainstream media.