Google has been working on a new privacy feature for its Chromebooks for a securer and shoulder surfing-free experience.

According to 9To5Google, the feature known as Human Presence Sensor (HPS) in the Chromium Gerrit is listed with multiple entries. Until this September, the feature was compatible with the face unlock feature and included presence detection.

HPS has the potential to provide an extra layer of security to Chromebook users. Users will be allowed to activate the feature to help determine if someone is snooping over their shoulders and be alerted of potential threats.

Google aims to utilize the built-in webcam of the Chromebooks to track the number of people in a frame and notify the user according to the settings customized by the user.

Google Will Send Alerts if Someone is Snooping Over A Chromebook User’s Shoulder

Once integrated with snooping alerts, HPS will notify users anytime someone tries to peak over their shoulders. HPS aims to protect the sensitive information of users such as passwords or PINs, also known as shoulder surfing, from unwanted eyes.

Users can customize their privacy settings as necessary. The Chrome OS will either alert the users by showcasing a small eye icon in the displayed status area or if someone is detected behind the user, the system will turn off the notifications or dim the display automatically, preventing the person from previewing any content of the screen.

This is an essential feature for people who enjoy working in public spaces and deal with sensitive information.

The feature is still in the works with updates made regularly and is expected to be launched sometime in the next year.