The Canadian security company, Blackberry, manufacturer of mobiles in partnership with TCL, has identified attempts of espionage against Pakistan military and government by state-sponsored hacker groups via mobile apps.

The campaigns are aimed at stealing sensitive data from the officials and the malware-laden Android apps are being distributed via social messaging services and email messages.

Some of these include the ‘Ansar Foundation’ which claims to be a disaster relief organization, a dating chat app, a fake pornography app, and an app that offers news about Kashmir amid Article 370 fiasco.

“I don’t think we saw examples where they were targeting specific individuals,” said the company’s Brian Robison. “It was more of a broad stroke.”

The company believes that the hackers have followed the global trend to target people via smartphones considering we all use mobile devices both at work and for our personal use.

In recent times, the Chinese, Iranian, Vietnamese and North Korean governments have also had to face such malicious attempts.

You can read the report in detail here.