The malicious Joker malware is back to trouble Google again, and security researchers have detected eight more apps on the Google Play Store that are laced with the virus.

According to Quick Heal Security Labs, the malware is reportedly targeting Auxiliary Message, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Go Messages, Travel Wallpapers, and Super SMS apps.

Google has removed these apps from Play Store and has advised Android users to delete them from their phones if they used APK files to install them.

The Joker is a relentless virus that steals user data including SMSs, contact list data, device information, One Time Passwords (OTPs), and many more of the sort.

Every few months it manages to sneak back on the Play Store by changing its script log, execution method, and/or payload-retrieving techniques. The virus has the ability to evolve, which somewhat qualifies as a reason for why many reported devices have failed to reboot once the malware kicks in.