Apple’s proprietary chipset M1 has already made its way to a number of products including MacBooks, iMacs, iMac mini, and even the iPad Pro. However, according to a recent report, the M1-powered iPad Pro has an irreparable flaw.

The developer Hector Martin pointed out that the iPad Pro suffers from a vulnerability that exists on a hardware level of the M1 which means this issue cannot be fixed through a simple software update. Apparently, the Cupertino has violated an Arm architecture specification requirement.

All Apple Devices With M1 Processors Have an Irreparable Security Flaw

Martin further explained that this flaw allows two applications to covertly exchange data without using normal operating system features. Nevertheless, this vulnerability does not pose any serious security risks. The vulnerability cannot be exploited by hackers to take control of one’s device or even steal sensitive information but it can enable advertisers for cross-app tracking. In any case, the flaw violates the OS security model.

Moreover, this issue is persistent on every M1 device, which means it could even affect the iPhone 12 series as well since the A14 Bionic is based on the same CPU microarchitecture.

According to the developer, the only way of fixing this is to run the entire operating system as a virtual machine (VM). However, that is not a feasible repair solution.

Apple has not commented on the matter yet.