The Cabinet Division has given a warning about apps that are suspected of being involved in collecting personal information from users.

It has written a letter to various ministries and organizations, stating that there are apps on Google Play Store that offer money on interest but actually collect data when consumers use them. It highlighted that applications like Olivecash and Barwaqt are involved in this fraud. Both offer money on interest as soon as the user logs in. The apps then collect the users’ personal information and it is used for unauthorized purposes.

The Cabinet Division has warned users to refrain from downloading such applications or sharing personal information with them.

It has also told the organizations to disseminate information about these applications to subordinate and attached departments and divisions and to ensure necessary security measures.

Copies of the letter have been sent to the Secretary to the Prime Minister, the Secretary to the President, the Cabinet Secretary, the Additional Secretary Cabinet Division, the DG Technical ISI, and the Director IT Cabinet Division.