Rumors about a OnePlus smartwatch have been going around for a while now. The big announcement kept getting postponed as the company wanted to keep its focus on smartphones and the recent OnePlus TV.

According to a rumor on Twitter, the Chinese tech giant is finally preparing the launch of its first-ever smartwatch.

It is expected that OnePlus will launch its first-ever smartwatch alongside the OnePlus 8 somewhere around Q2 2020. While the Tweet says it will be a fitness band, some sources are also claiming that it is going to be a regular smartwatch.

OnePlus is Working on its Own Smartwatch: Rumors

The sketches from 2016 show that the device will feature a conventional smartwatch design with adjustable straps and a round dial. There are little to no details on the device other than the image above, so it is hard to say anything about the specs just yet. OnePlus might bring a wearable version of Oxygen OS or might have something entirely new considering how long they’ve had this project.

Since it has been years since these sketches first surfaced, OnePlus is likely working on something that looks completely different.

The OnePlus smartwatch is going to be greeted with some heavy competition since there is already a large variety of smart wearables available in every price range. However, OnePlus is a company known for making affordable premium products so expectations regarding specifications and price tags are high.