UPaisa is leveraging its innovative digital financial ecosystem to facilitate hassle-free payments to government departments that earlier took a lot of time and effort. Besides hundreds of other organizations, UPaisa users can now send payments to the said govt departments with ease.

According to UPaisa, the best time for availing the service is now because it is offering 1000MBs free for 3 days on payments through the UPaisa app or USSD. Here is how users can make government payments through the UPaisa app or USSD.

Token Tax/Challan payment for Islamabad
  1. Download and install the ‘City Islamabad’ app from Google Play Store
  2. On the app, go to the ‘Excise & Taxation’ section
  3. Tap on ‘Token Tax’, ‘Excise Challan’, or any other service as per your requirement
  4. Enter your vehicle number
  5. Select ‘1-Bill’ and hit the ‘Pay Now’ button
  6. The app will generate an 18-digit PSID code
  7. Copy it

Now that you have the PSID, you may choose to pay either through the UPaisa app or USSD

  1. UPaisa app users go to ‘Payments’ and choose ‘1-Bill’
  2. Select ‘Voucher Payment’
  3. Now enter/paste the 18-digit PSID code copied from the ‘City Islamabad’ app
  4. Your amount due will be automatically fetched and shown
  5. Cross-check the information and make the payment

For payment via USSD:

  1. Dial *786# from your phone to access the main menu
  2. Choose ‘Bill Payment’ and tap ‘More’
  3. Tap ‘More’ once again and select ‘1Bill’
  4. Now choose ‘Payments’ and enter the 18-digit PSID
  5. Check your information and make the payment
Token Tax/Challan Payment in Punjab

UPaisa users can generate the voucher number from Punjab’s government’s payment gateway ‘e-Pay Punjab’, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Users can follow the simple steps below to complete their payment.

  1. On ‘e-Pay Punjab’ app home screen, choose ‘Excise & Taxation Department’ for token tax and ‘Punjab Police’ for traffic challan payment
  2. Enter your vehicle details
  3. The app will fetch details of your vehicle and the due amount
  4. Proceed to pay through ‘1-Bill’ which will generate the voucher number
  5. Copy the voucher number and open your UPaisa app
  6. On your UPaisa app, tap ‘Payments’ and again tap on “Epay”
  7. Here choose ‘Voucher payment’ and type or paste the PSID copied from ‘e-Pay Punjab’
  8. The app will fetch all the relevant details
  9. Cross-check the information and proceed to complete the transaction

The service can also be availed through USSD:

  1. Dial *786# from your phone
  2. Choose ‘Pay Bills’ and ‘Utility Bill Payment’ subsequently
  3. Next, choose ‘More’ and then ‘Government Payment’ to reach ‘e-Pay Punjab’
  4. Enter the Voucher number and make the payment

UPaisa users may also pay their motor vehicle registration fee, vehicle transfer fee, property tax, and a number of other government dues by choosing the relevant service in the e-Pay application, generating voucher number, and entering it in the UPaisa app.

Payments to FBR/Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

Similarly, both the UPaisa app and USSD users can make convenient payments to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA), SECP, and other billers. They can also pay the DIRBS tax to FBR on imported mobile phones through the same channel.

  1. For making payments to FBR or PRA, users will have to generate the reference number/ voucher number from their respective portals against the required services
  2. Open the UPaisa app, once you have the voucher number (PSID)
  3. Go to ‘Payments’ and choose ‘Government Fee’
  4. Choose ‘FBR’ or ‘PRA’ as per your home province
  5. Enter the voucher number and your phone number to have the app fetch your details
  6. Cross-check the details and make the transaction

USSD users will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *786# from your phone
  2. Choose ‘Pay bills’ and then ‘Utility Bill Payments’
  3. Select ‘More’ from the subsequent menu and then choose ‘Government Payments’
  4. Here select ‘FBR’, ‘ePay Punjab’, or any other department and add your ‘Voucher number/PSID’ to receive your details
  5. Check data accuracy and proceed to make the payment
Excise and Taxation Payments in Sindh

UPaisa is bringing the unparalleled ease of making digital government payments to the people of Sindh as well. To avail the facility:

  1. Visit Excise and Taxation Department, Government of Sindh’s portal https://taxportal.excise.gos.pk/ and register yourself
  2. Add your vehicle to the ‘Vehicle details’ section
  3. Go to ‘Tax Payment’ and click the drop-down menu ‘Payment via banking channel’
  4. Calculate your taxes
  5. The site will fetch your details and prompt you to generate your PSID
  6. Copy the PSID

Now you may pay either through the UPaisa digital app or USSD

  1. For paying token tax through the UPaisa app, go to ‘Payments’ and choose ‘1-Bill’
  2. Select ‘Voucher Payment’
  3. Paste the PSID code and proceed to paying the tax


  1. Dial *786# from your phone to access the main menu
  2. Choose ‘Bill Payment’ and tap ‘More’
  3. Tap ‘More’ once again and select ‘1Bill’
  4. Now choose ‘Voucher Payment’ and enter the PSID
  5. Check your information and make the payment

The payments will be made from UPaisa accounts of the users, which can be created from the UPaisa app or via USSD. Users can make cash deposits in their accounts through their nearest UPaisa agent or directly from other banks using Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT), which is totally free of cost.

Apart from the government departments, UPaisa features a host of billers from various sectors including utility services, m-Tag education, health, and more to usher in unparalleled enablement to the users.