Dukan.pk, Pakistan’s prominent online marketplace enabler, and Contegris, a global technology company, have joined hands to provide seamless operations and customer service to enhance relationships with online sellers.

Seller relationship management is a large part of successful operations at Dukan.pk which has helped create over 100,000 online stores, a number growing at a rapid pace. It provides local sellers a free, easy, and effective platform to set up their web stores and sell online.

Contegris, on the other hand, is a global technology company with more than three decades of combined professional experience in the IT and Telecom industry, with a mission to help businesses achieve higher efficiency by optimizing the customer experience.

Monis Rahman, Co-founder, and CEO of Dukan.pk, said, “We are proud to partner with Contegris. We explored many software platforms to automate communication with our customers and were delighted to discover that the best of the lot was Contegris which is, like Dukan, made in Pakistan.”

Eitesam Ahmad Khan, CEO of Contegris, said, “Technology can play a very important role in making a positive impact on the society and I believe Dukaan will be a game-changer when it comes to enabling local retailers to go online with Dukaan eCommerce Platform.”

“This will surely help in improving the Quality of life for thousands of small retailers across Pakistan by making them earn more and have a very positive impact on Pakistan’s economy,” he added.

Through its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Contegris will allow Dukan to maintain an effective relationship with sellers and enhance operational efficiency through automation.

Led by a team of tech veterans, Dukan is helping local sellers digitize their business. It provides local sellers a free, easy, and effective platform to set up their web stores and sell online. Dukan aims to inspire, educate and connect the growing community of emerging entrepreneurs to innovate and digitize their businesses.

Centralized and streamlined communications are very important for Dukan to cultivate long-term relationships with the sellers. Through this partnership with Contegris, Dukan will optimize communication with the sellers on its platform and offer them robust customer services.