Home Press Release Zong 4G Supports Islamabad Police’s Fight Against Covid-19

Zong 4G Supports Islamabad Police’s Fight Against Covid-19


Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, has extended support to the Islamabad Police to bolster its fight against Covid-19.

Recognizing the importance of access to safety supplies, Zong has provided the Islamabad Police with Covid-19 protection necessities including hand sanitizers, hand washes, and face masks to help them fight the pandemic more efficiently.

“Our support to Islamabad Police is a testament towards standing with Pakistan and law enforcement agencies during these unprecedented times. Our law enforcement heroes are also on the frontline to help the country combat the pandemic while also providing security to all of us. Through our small gesture, we are extending support to them and expressing gratitude for their tireless efforts,” said Zong’s official spokesperson.

Islamabad Police has appreciated the efforts of Zong 4G playing the role to fight the global pandemic.

Zong has been a significant contributor to the national fight against the Covid-19 pandemic since the virus began to tighten its grip on the country last year.

The company has partnered with the Federal and Provincial Governments, Pakistan Red Crescent Society, UNICEF Pakistan, HEC, SIUT, NIH, and NDMA.to help curtail the spread of coronavirus. Resultantly, Zong was recognized as one of the most caring brands of Pakistan by IPOS Mori for its endeavors.