BlueEast (Orient Group of companies) plans to launch a complete ecosystem of IoT solutions in both smart home and industrial applications this year.

Inaugurated in 2016, this company was the technology and E-commerce wing for Orient Electronics at first. Mevris (Makes everything smart) was a project launched to introduce more innovative Electronic appliances for Orient’s customers.

The motive was to offer comfort using technology. The idea of bringing IoT and AI together in home appliances will gain attention from the users with Mevris emerging as a topnotch project by BlueEast.

Contribution Through Modern Technology

The first and most important contribution of Mevris is to educate its users, regarding the functions of the appliances they consume.

Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat, CEO of BlueEast commented,

Mevris platform is living up to its promise of educating and helping the consumers in optimal-way of using their air-conditioners while ensuring comfort as well as energy savings.

Mevris is Platform as a Service (PaaS) which is developed after the ample research in particularly three major aspects:

  • Smart Products
  • Smarter Business Operations and Decisions
  • Smart Business Model

It is not just about providing connectivity but enabling a whole new world of possibilities through AI and IoT. Mevris can help reduce the electricity consumption of the appliances, enabling comfort for the users.

Orient users have observed a reduction in electricity bills, after using Mevris E-comfort. The graph below demonstrates how efficiently the monthly electricity bill is reduced by up to 79%.

Mevris By BlueEast: Bringing IoT & AI to Pakistan

AI features comprising Predictions and Autopilot were introduced in 2018 and 2019. These were designed to help our customers save energy while maintaining comfort health using Orient’s Smart Air Conditioner. Now in 2020, these functions became the reason Orient home appliances are considered as one of the most technologically advanced home appliances in the market.

The customers saved 20.8 Million KWh (units) that amount to Rs. 374.6 million.

Mevris By BlueEast: Bringing IoT & AI to Pakistan

This infographic explains how this money can be utilized in educating children, providing electricity to developing areas, and giving warm clothes to needy people. It also portrays how Mevris is contributing to the ecosystem by saving trees and Carbon Dioxide.

60 Years Of Evolution – Orient Group Of Companies

The journey of Mevris and BlueEast is directly linked with 60 years of continuous growth by the Orient Group of Companies. In 2016, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat, grandson of late Mian Muhammad Fazal, founder of Orient Electronics took an initiative to invest in innovation in order to succeed in recent times.

The purpose of BlueEast was to convert the core business of the Orient Group of Companies from home appliances and consumer electronics manufacturing to technology. Mr. Talat, former director sales and marketing Orient, Now CEO BlueEast accomplished his vision and evolved Orient from “Pehli Chahat” to “Living Innovation” with several technological add-ons, especially with the addition of Mevris E-comfort.

Mevris By BlueEast: Bringing IoT & AI to Pakistan

From the phase of transition to achieving milestones through consistency, Team BlueEast has proved that it will redefine the future of IoT in Pakistan. Now the company is working on developing more upgraded appliances. It is focused on providing world-class experiences to the customers while improvising and introducing new technologically verified answers for localized unique issues.