Reason launched its monthly Friday Sale this week. The sale offered three distinct and amazing banners of offers that were up for grabs for the customers. This monthly sale was announced by the brand at the time of its inception and since then, the brand has never shied away from putting out deals that are unbelievable but exciting at the same time.

Reason, a brand that has eliminated dealerships and third-parties, has successfully brought consumer home appliances to the customers at a very reasonable price. This has been the motive of the brand all along. Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat, the CEO of Reason says:

Reason is the first of its kind and we are going to leave no stone unturned in making sure that we reach our consumers with the very best technology. The Reason day Sale is a part of the same commitment. Every first Friday of the month is set to bring out exciting new deals and offers for our customers and I have abject hope that the next sales will be just as successful as this one.

Reason day Sale for the brand did very well on record as the company was out of stock within a few hours of the sale going live on the Reason site.

The three deals that were up on the site all did spectacularly and the customers were seen to leave positive and good reviews. There are quite a few who are waiting for the next sales with bated breath and if you are one of those, check out the Reason Facebook page for new updates.