Swvl is a technology-enabled transportation company that operates via a marketplace model, bringing together transport service providers and commuters on an online platform, allowing customers to book affordable rides through a mobile application.

Swvl launched in Pakistan with the vision to provide reliable and high-quality transport solutions and create viable alternatives to public transport and is here for the long run.

To maintain the standards of its service and to continue to serve Pakistan in the long term, Swvl moved from its promotional prices of Rs. 50 across routes, to fares that are based on fixed-route prices, ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 200.

This revision is due to two main reasons:

  1. Quality of service: Swvl aims to continue to provide high-quality transport solutions to the people of Pakistan, which consists of comfortable air-conditioned vehicles, on-time departure and arrival and in-ride insurance coverage for the passengers.
  2. Long term focus: A key reason for mass transit services not flourishing in Pakistan has been the sustainability of the initiatives. Swvl is here to change the way Pakistan moves for the long term and to achieve this, it is important for fares to be in line with costs incurred. It is important to note that Swvl’s transport partners provide assets that need to make a minimum return on investment for it to be a viable business for them.

To cater to an even larger audience, they are planning to introduce lower-cost services and distance-based fares soon.

Furthermore, keeping in mind the alternative modes of transport that people can avail and the distance that our customers travel, the fares aspire to provide the maximum value against each price point.

Swvl has undertaken the responsibility to deliver a reliable, comfortable, and safe service to customers and is looking forward to serving the people of Pakistan for years to come.