Glaciers and land sliding from the recent spell of torrential rains and heavy snowfall caused severe damage to the telecommunication system in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

Land sliding in Azad Kashmir damaged the Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) connecting Muzaffarabad with Taobat via Athmuqam, Dudhnial, Sharda and Kel in Neelum Valley, Gappa Gali and Rashian Top in Leepa Valley, Kohala and Bara Kot in Muzafarabad Region and Chikar & Sudhan Gali between Bagh and Garhidupatta.

Similarly, due to the earthquake and land sliding, OFC was damaged at Doian, Jaglot, Thalichi, Tattapani (Rai Kot), Astore in the Gilgit region and Sanochal & Sassi near Kachura, Durando, Shangas, and Jullnallah in Baltistan region causing a breakdown of telecommunication facilities.

SCO’s dedicated teams promptly responded to this natural calamity and worked around the clock to restore the communications.

SCO restored the fiber cable in harsh weather conditions and made it possible to connect the affectees to the rest of the country, making relief and rehabilitation support reach the affected areas smoothly.

DG SCO Major General Ali Farhan HI (M) has expressed heartfelt condolences to affectees of Neelum, Leepa, and other victims in Azad Kashmir. He said,

SCO stands with the aggrieved in this hour of grief and is fully cognizant of its responsibilities.

Aimed at extending relief and assistance to the affectees of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, SCO has announced a relief SCOM package which includes 5000 free SCOM to SCO Family Minutes and 5000 SMS. Through this offer, people will be able to keep in touch with their loved ones during this time of trouble. These packages are available from January 16 to January 25.