At a time when the local tech community is buzzing with “Digital Pakistan”, Huawei set the stage to demonstrate technological muscles that can bring ease, convenience and more productivity for communities, government and individuals alike.

In this regard, Huawei held a conference in Islamabad to relish in the prospects of emerging tech trends throughout the world.

ProPakistani was also part of the conference and we are pleased to announce the future looks quite exciting!
A scalable format for the conference revealed three key points: ‘The road to 5G’, ‘Digital Innovation Shaping the 5G Era’, and ‘Artificial Intelligence – The New World’.

Representatives from Huawei Mobile presented future plans and initiatives to help Pakistan progress towards 5G. The company had brought in one of its most amazing cloud-based tech products and IT solution cartographs to perfectly communicate to the on-looking audience, who got the chance to witness the amount of investment into the initiative.

As an extra element of demonstration, the organizers had installed 15 tech demo booths. Each booth showcased unique products that communicated the basic idea of how IT solutions appear in realtime.

On the centre stage, Huawei’s dignitaries urged industry partners and government associates to stand clear of the bliss of ignorance and invest in products that help remove uncertainty between man and machine.

The Chinese company provided sustainable guidance and future trends regarding performance techniques, processing securities and automation that target all weak areas in tech and help enhance a solution-based approach towards problem-solving.

Foreign and local experts present at the conference debated on the sustainability of such upgrades, to which the Chinese Minister Counsellor (Dr Wang Zhihua) replied in an interesting manner.

He congratulated Pakistan on its core strength in youth and the potential for the country’s capabilities to compete at the international stage. He acknowledged the Digital Pakistan initiative and envisioned our beloved country to walk an influential path in a data-driven economy.

Chief Guest and Chairman PTA Major General(R) Amir Azeem Bajwa emphasized the level of urgency to keep Pakistan’s future in direct line with technological developments.

He acknowledged Pakistan’s strive for 5G throughout the country’s demographic and remains hopeful that Pakistan will compete on the big stage in the near future.

He showed utmost belief and confidence in the country’s industrial heavyweights and urged all concerned parties to help strengthen the tech industry by working hard, encouraging innovation and investing in the youth of Pakistan.

In the closing session of the conference, Deputy CEO Huawei Pakistan, Mr. Ahmed Bilal Masud took to the stage and was full of praise for the amount of work being put into our tech industry. He stated,

Huawei will continuously increase its investment in Pakistan and provide the latest technologies including Full-stack cloud solution, Intelligent Computing, Intelligent Storage & Smart Data Centre solution to help customers accelerate the intelligent transformation and build Digital Pakistan.

We witnessed an outstanding response from the audience, those of whom were representatives of some of the biggest architects of future innovation in Pakistan, China and other countries.