The legacy of the Control Panel is coming to an end with Windows 11. Microsoft is gradually getting rid of its features with every new update and now the company is testing even more ways of doing so.

The new test versions of Windows 11 have revealed that Microsoft has moved the advanced network settings into the Settings app. This includes sharing options for folders, printers, network discovery options, and some settings for networks and devices. All of these redirect you to the Settings up instead of opening up the Control Panel.

Windows 11 is Getting Rid of Control Panel Soon


Uninstalling your programs through the Control Panel will take you to the Settings app too and this is something that happens on Windows 10 as well. Even uninstalling Windows updates will take you to a dedicated section of Settings instead of the Control Panel.

Microsoft originally introduced the Settings app in Windows 8 to move some settings from the Control Panel. The Control Panel and Settings app have lived together in harmony since then, but everything changed when Windows 11 attacked was launched.

The company describes this change as an “ongoing effort to bring over settings from Control Panel into the Settings app.” So it is clear that Microsoft means to get rid of the Control Panel eventually, which is a welcome change since its looks haven’t changed for over 15 years. Removing it should be an effective step to modernize Windows 11.