Intel is scheduled to launch a new CPU architecture called “Adler Lake” later this year. According to a new report, the processors based on this new architecture will get a performance boost on the upcoming Windows 11.

Folks over at HotHardware tested the Lakefield Core i7-L16G7 CPU on the leaked Windows 11 ISO. They discovered that the processor gets a performance boost thanks to its big.LITTLE core architecture. There was an improvement of roughly 5.8% on multi-threaded results and up to 2% on single-threaded results.

This means that all upcoming Intel Adler Lake CPUs will get a performance boost running on Windows 11. In other words, Windows 11 is designed to run Intel’s new processors better than before.

Here are the performance results from HotHardware. 

Windows 11 Can Make Your PC Faster

Windows 11 is expected to be announced later this week. Microsoft has been hinting at it since the last month, but there has been no clear confirmation just yet. However, the company announced the death date of Windows 10 last week, soon after the teaser for Windows 11. This more or less confirms that a new version is coming.

The leaked images of Windows 11 look strikingly similar to the scrapped Windows 10X. Check out the link below for more info.