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Zoom Acquires Liminal for Large Scale Professional Events


Zoom is continuing to go all-in on virtual meetings and events. From academic to professional use, Zoom has become everyone’s go-to forum for virtual meetings, weddings, or even virtual exams. To provide its users with the best virtual meeting experience, the company has recently acquired a startup called Liminal, known for its Zoom-based broadcast tools.

Liminal’s Tools

Liminal’s add-ons, ZoomOSC and ZoomISO, are specially designed for creating professional virtual events, which Zoom is likely to natively integrate into its software as part of the acquisition. As stated on Liminal’s site, ZoomOSC is designed to enhance professional meetings and events using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol, enabling one to integrate Zoom with third-party software or hardware controllers, and even media servers. Meanwhile, ZoomISO is designed to allow exporting each individual participant’s video feed as a separate output to professional production hardware, with the option to output five of them in HD.

The platform took the dive into large-scale virtual events when it first announced its rather impressive Events feature back in May and officially rolled out the update across all platforms in July. The feature allowed organizers to create event hubs, sell tickets, and even create multiple livestream sessions throughout the day.

Zoom had emerged as one of the most viable video-conferencing platforms that helped people from around the globe to stay connected both personally as well as professionally during the pandemic.

There’s no word on when or how Zoom plans on integrating the said features from Liminal, and it’s also unclear whether Liminal’s Zoom add-ons will still be available separately from Zoom after the integration has taken place. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a feature that’ll further enhance the user’s experience of the platform, allowing them to personalize it as per their requirements.