Corporates around the globe continue to adopt CSR to be more socially responsible and to give back to the communities they operate in. While fixing the challenges of society is not obligatory for corporates, they choose to invest in social empowerment because they realize the implications are far from being superficial.

Businesses around the world are volunteering to improve the lives of people and in making the world a better place for all. A major focus area is a reduction in the carbon footprint and preservation of the environment. While no big steps can be taken in that direction without adversely impacting the business, even baby steps are appreciated and provide the industry with a path to follow.

Besides the environment, the other way of CSR investment is through direct social contributions to bring a change to people’s everyday lives and by helping them cope with their struggles. Such help is crucial for millions in developing countries, especially in the wake of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. By reducing the gender divide and ensuring digital inclusion, society as a whole can benefit from the CSR efforts.

In Pakistan, which is known for its philanthropy, the corporate sector has been actively involved in giving back to society in different ways. This kind of support comes in the shape of both cash and kind, enabling those around us improve their lives and rekindle the hope for a better tomorrow.

The telecom industry has emerged as one of the most crucial and giving sectors in Pakistan over the past couple of years. As the pandemic brought life to a standstill, the telecom sector provided Pakistanis with connectivity that kept their lives somewhat going amid the crisis. Besides, the sector’s social contributions during the pandemic were particularly noteworthy.

Zong’s Remarkable Covid Response

Zong emerged as the true CSR leader in the time of immense crisis brought upon the world by Covid-19. 2021 has especially been the year of stellar performance on the social front where the company has walked the extra mile to reduce people’s sufferings and help them cope with the pandemic more effectively while staying safe and productive.

The company stepped in with support on many levels and fronts including education, healthcare, government support and collaborations, and multi-stakeholder partnerships to help Pakistan fight its Covid battle efficiently and bravely.

Believing firmly in empowering people and societies to thrive in this new digital age, Zong’s CSR contributions helped create exponential social, environmental, and business impact. Zong strove to help advance positive social change through investing in the future and creating conditions for upward social mobility. 

Zong’s Healthcare Contributions

First of all, Zong extended services in the health sector of Pakistan. Recently, Zong partnered up with Sehat Kahani in order to make quality healthcare in Pakistan more inclusive and approachable.

This partnership allows the team of Sehat Kahani to hold live sessions about health, spread knowledge about various aspects of Covid-19, and create various awareness videos across all Sehat Kahani’s social platforms and Zong’s communication channels.

This partnership is done at an apt time when the pandemic, which began crippling the globe since its discovery in 2019, continues to be a major health crisis. This project also aims to provide free e-consultations to patients online and is a huge step by Zong in its Covid-19 relief efforts.

Furthermore, in order to combat breast and lung cancer, Zong also conducted awareness sessions for employees and their families in collaboration with Sehat Kahani. The purpose was to apprise participants with an overview of symptoms, prevention, and self-assessment.

Collaborations with the Educational Sector

Zong has also recently collaborated with the Ministry of IT to set up a digital lab exclusively for the female students at Maulvi Abdul Haq School with a clear purpose of exposing the young generation to the current digital trends and arming them with proper tools for the digital age.

Zong also joined hands with Pak-China Friendship School in Gwadar, The Star School in Okara, and Rawalpindi Orphanage, for the development of state-of-the-art 4G digital learning labs. This move by the company has paved the way for hundreds of young students, especially girls to polish their academic endeavors.

Zong also partnered up with PSDF (Punjab Skills Development Fund) to train the youth in digital freelancing skills, further expanding their services in the educational and civic sector of Pakistan. As part of this initiative, 10,000 youth of Pakistan will be trained on “How to E-Lance”.

Moreover, in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Zong has served more than 100,000 students nationwide by providing high-speed broadband services.

Extending a Helping Hand in the Environmental Crisis

Zong, on the environmental front, is also making a strong impact. For starters, it has banned smoking cigarettes in its own office premises. Moreover, it has also engaged a whole team of volunteers called “A New Hope”, which has already clocked over 200 hours working for the environment, healthcare, and disaster relief.

The company has dedicated a lot of efforts towards going green and opting for a sustainable energy supply for a significant portion of its headquarters further strengthening its services in environmental sustainability.

In 2021 alone, Zong has initiated 13 CSR projects reaching up to 9 major cities in all the provinces of Pakistan. These projects are estimated to have transformed more than 10 million lives. All of this speaks volumes of the commitment of the company to empowering Pakistani society.