Motorcycles are the part and parcel for most people across Pakistan, used for getting from point A to B in a cheap manner. However, for a family of more than three, motorcycles aren’t a viable option due to the lack of space.

However, it seems that a man from Karachi has concocted a solution as, instead of buying a car, he has converted his motorcycle into a unique long vehicle that can seat up to twelve passengers. The motorcycle has been built by Ali Muhammad Memon — a policeman and a part-time fabricator from Karachi.

During his discussion with ARY News, Memon clarified that he didn’t build this motorcycle because he has a big family to haul around, but just to popularize his creation around the world. “It took me three months to develop the bike with an approximate cost of Rs. 300,000 to 350,000,” Memon told the media.

He added that the motorcycle is heavily modified so that it can be driven and parked with relative ease. It has a 300cc liquid-cooled engine, three brakes, and two stands to support its weight, which is 270 kilograms.

Despite its relatively hefty weight and large size, the bike has a fuel economy of 30 to 35 kilometers because the carburetor has been tuned to ensure fuel efficiency, Memon told. He added that due to its large size and weight, it is not easy to maneuver on the jam-packed roads and narrow streets of Karachi.

Memon further claimed that his bike is the longest two-wheeler in Asia and that he will create other unique projects of such kind in the future.